D is for design

Potential Customer:  “I just don’t know about spending a lot of money for design. You’re a printer, can’t you and I come up with something?”

Me:  “Um, (insert long pause) Well, okay let’s try”

I already knew this experiment was going to be a disaster; but, why not show the client what a disaster we could be together.  He agreed to go home and pencil out three advertisements and I agreed to do the same. We would meet the next week and compare our designs. Oh boy were our sketches terrible. I asked if I could introduce him to an artist who would provide three pencil sketches of ad designs. Mind you this was before the computer. I had to work really hard to get him to agree to pay the designer. I would not ask the designer to draw on spec.

She came in the following week with three pencil sketches. He loved all three and actually had a difficult time deciding which one to use. After that she designed a lovely company brochure that I was able to print for years after the initial sale. The client was thrilled with the end product.

Great design incorporates a conceptual idea backed up by research and execution. I realize there is more to an artists creative power, but that’s how I sell their professional training. Our collective skills have been somewhat diluted with the rise of the machines. (yes, I’m a Terminator fan too) But, together we can still represent our professional training and experience with a thoughtful example of our skill.


2 thoughts on “D is for design

  1. I love D for DESIGN! I don’t know how many times we’ve come across this situation where a client decided he or his [insert name of relative here] could design [you name it] only to end up months later asking to have the botched job re-done. So where were the great savings in going through that exercise?! We’ve done this sort of thing before and know who to work with to end up w/ the best end-product for our clients. Clients, use us! It’ll save you money, time and a lot of grief!

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