I isn’t for printer error!

I work the crossword puzzle every morning and just the other day one of the hints was printer error. Do you know what they said the answer was? Typo. I actually stood up and yelled at my morning paper.  (yes, I still read the newspaper…sigh, much to the chagrin of my oldest son)

Printers get their fair share of blame, sometimes rightfully so, but in many instances we are held accountable for things out of our control. Years ago I worked closely with a marketing professional  in the cellular phone business. She admitted to me that in her manager meetings she was told if something was printed with a typesetting error that she was to fire the printer. She admitted it was unfair and to fight the mandate she was making everyone sign off on our proofs. Seems everyone in her office claimed amnesia if something went awry with a printed piece.

I understand the fear clients have of making errors. We manufacture a custom product that once it is done ~ it is done. I try to put time aside to proof read every job I have in house; however, ultimately the responsibility for proofing goes to the group who was paid for the design and writing, and the client who is required to sign off on that work. In our print shop, sales people, production support and pressman find typesetting errors quite often. We had an example just the other day. The brochure featured an artist and his name had an initial on the front cover that was different from the inside copy. Our pressman caught that. He saved the client $5,000.00 because otherwise they would have had to reprint the job to make it correct.

Collectively we all suffer when the occasional typo ruins the print job and subsequently our day. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, together we must slow down and retrain ourselves to reconnect with what we’re working on at the moment. I’ve been scattered and distracted by all of the communication tools we have today. While my cell phone is ringing I’m talking to a client on a land-line and trying to enter a job on the computer. I don’t care how good you are “multi-tasking”, eventually something will give.


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