k is for know

Know is defined as: to perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty: I know the situation fully.

A young wife was getting ready to cook a roast and her husband noticed that she cut off the ends of the roast before placing it in her roasting pan. He asked her why and she commented that was the way her grandmother had taught her. When the young man had an opportunity to ask his wife’s grand-mother about the way she taught her grand-daughter to cook a roast, he asked:  “What was the significance of cutting off the ends?” Grand-mother stood silent for a moment in thought, then replied:  “Well…I cut off the ends so it would fit into my roasting pan.” How often do we misinterpret the actions of others?

There are countless opportunities in our graphic arts world to misinterpret what we see and hear, even while we are attempting to fully understand, as the young cook above.  Any action left undefined could be taken to heart and become something a person knows with certainty; like, the roast must have the ends cut off to be cooked correctly.

The only way I know to protect myself from misinterpreting is to ask good questions. Don’t be afraid of asking, because it’s usually the lack of questions that gets us into trouble.


One thought on “k is for know

  1. too true! I had an experience I will relate.

    I was on a press check with a client for a hardwood floor company. We had been on many press checks together in the past, but most of them for smaller signage. This sign was big- printing on a 60″ press. We spent 2 hours “tweaking” color on press and did not seem to be getting anywhere, because we were focused on the “way we always did things”. Finally, in a moment of clarity, I asked her where the signs were going to be displayed. She told me “hanging from ceilings 10′ off the floor at home improvement stores”. I took a sheet, walked into the warehouse and hung one on a pallet rack about 10′ up. I called her into the warehouse, and when she turned the corner I said “what do you think?”. She looked at it for a minute, hugged my neck and signed the sheet.

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