M is for marketing

I’m behind writing my blog because I’ve been working so hard trying to maintain my market.

My marketing strategy forms the structure that I need to sell printing. I know and understand the procedures involved and the target client who typically buys printing. Although I’m accustomed to the peaks and valleys that occur with the swell of consumerism and the subsequent correction, I’m concerned that we’re missing something significant this time. Are we dismissing signals of the true problem?

From a printing standpoint I think there are a couple of significant industry-changing events happening. First is the continued green agenda towards print, or propaganda as I prefer to call it. I’m still amazed at the computer giants who manufacture a significant amount of non-recyclable product (not to mention the energy and manufacturing processes involved) and who have yet to be called out on their lack of a green agenda. The second is the confusion over the reliance of a faceless internet to become the sales machine of the future. Are we relying on our websites and the promise of the cheapest product available to replace our marketing efforts?

So, for now, the marketing and sales of printed materials is a tough sell. I applaud and appreciate the true marketers; who, although support the internet, can still admit there is a need for the front line sales people. Not everyone is going to be successful relying on their websites for sales and market share. Are you brave enough to arm your sales people with the tools they need? I’m truly thankful to those clients who still are.


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