O is for oleo

Why am I writing about oleo? This story goes all the way back to when I was a freshman in High School…yea, WAY back. I don’t recall the class and I don’t recall any of the classmates, that is, except Bruce Krueger.

Our test was to look at and taste two items, one was butter and the other was oleo. Every student in the class had to make that awkward walk to the front of the room while everyone watched them. After the first few students, it was well established by the group what was butter and what was oleo, but then, here came Bruce. Confident and calm Bruce tasted the products and then he did something that I remember to this day. He went against the group and announced that his choices were opposite what was already established as correct. Wow, he was either going to look brilliant or not-so-smart. You know what’s coming right? He stood his ground and he was…..correct. I obviously was impressed because I remember the event to this day.

I’ve had a few experiences in printing where the group determined what was right and what was wrong. It would be simpler if it only had to do with oleo.


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