R is for the “rest” of the story…

The rest of the story is highly dependent upon the artwork provided by designers and their expectations of the finished product.

My most favorite designer to work with calls me while she is working on a project. She will say she’s thinking of doing this or that and asks how that would that influence the way the job would run.  She knows that we have a shop full of different size presses that have many different capabilities and tolerances. She also takes into account the clients budget and doesn’t over-design a piece that could easily be produced on a smaller press; but that also means acknowledging the limitations of that smaller press. The smaller press may not be able to carry heavy ink coverage so she will design around that. There is a level of understanding that makes her really good at her job and I am happy to be able to use my skills to assist her.

Another client has learned to take into account how he chooses color for his headers for a multi-page catalog. Colors made by CMYK that use very small percentages have very littler tolerance on press. Any small move to pictures below will send the headers off into different hues. Getting them to match up then from page to page is sometimes maddening and can create quality issues. He now chooses CMYK ink combinations that will include zero percentages of Magenta and Black that in turn will allow him to make color moves on his photos. It makes a huge difference acknowledging and addressing the real issues of machinery limitations.

I have a shop full of people who work hard every day to deliver quality jobs to our customers. We can do it more often if we’re included in the design stage of the job.


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