U is for Unremarkable~

I was in the market for a new car in late 2006 so my husband and I discussed different cars. We considered this and that and I always had the same response, “it’s unremarkable.” I wanted something that was different, something new, something remarkable. Later that week I found the car I was looking for; it was a Toyota Camry Hybrid. Now that’s what I’m talking about, the Hybrid experience is remarkable.

I started my blog this year because I wanted to do something different in 2010, something remarkable. One of my coworkers follows my progress and just this week forwarded to me a blog written by Seth Godin.
My husband just bought a book called Inbound Marketing, by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. I’m a few chapters in and there is Seth Godin again, he is mentioned in their book specifically about his use of the word remarkable. Ok, this gets better, now I’m reading my current copy of Canvas, a magazine that writes about print sales and marketing and there Seth Godin is being interviewed! Is this a coincidence?

We’re all trying to stand out in the crowd…and it is crowded out there. What are you doing in 2010 that will make you stand out from the rest? What will make you remarkable?


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