W is for What a Weasel!

This post isn’t about a carnivorous mammal, but for all the sneaky people I’ve encountered over the years. Thankfully there haven’t been that many, but there are a few who stood out from the rest. My favorite is the coworker who just thought this little lady wouldn’t go head to head with him.

I had been printing a rather large newsletter for about a year before I went on maternity leave. When I returned to work I was told that my customer had called another sales person in our office. “There’s no way” I responded to my manager. I knew this person and she wouldn’t do that. My manager again reminded me; she’s now calling “weasel man” and the customer determines who they want to work with. Of course I know that, but I also knew this client had appreciated my help with her project and we liked working together. I told my manager that I would call her and ask her why and he said that I couldn’t. What? I backed out of his office to think.

What I decided was that this wasn’t a small piece of work that I could overlook and I had to make the call. I also knew that calling the client might make her uncomfortable and I would need to be very careful with my questions. I waited a few days to make sure the stress was out of my voice and made the call. She was very happy to hear from me and asked about my time off and my new baby. After the pleasantries I asked her about calling on “weasel man.” She explained that he had actually called her and said he was my new customer service representative and that all calls should be directed to him.

To this day I don’t recall his name or whatever happened to him. Some people just never learned to play fair. Weasel.


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