V is for Velocity…

Ok, I’m not perfect. Although I’m thankful at this moment that I don’t have enough readers to have noticed my error. I won’t make it obvious though.

I like the word velocity; it sounds strong and positive. That’s how I feel most days as I’m trying to keep up with the speed and direction of my life. Speed has a lot to do with the errors we make in our everyday lives and the direction we choose makes the difference in our destination. How we choose to spend our time will usually determine what we get out of our lives.
I don’t have a problem with direction, what gets me into trouble is speed.

How often are we trying to keep up…because of things we can’t let go? There are certain things we shouldn’t let go of like spending time with family and friends, keeping our bodies healthy and making an effort every day to move our chosen careers forward.

Direction is good. Speed is only good at intervals, otherwise it robs us of energy and focus.


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