What is your Plan B?

I like to count my life in summers so this will be my 51st one. When you think about it, we don’t get that many summers. Our daily routines help us to count away the hours before the next day, then the next month, a season, and then another year has passed. We pay our bills, schedule our appointments and celebrate the same holidays over and over. Although there is nothing wrong with routine what would happen if you mixed it up a little?

Early on in our printing careers John and I realized that our family life was not going to be easily maintained by a set routine. The hours we have to keep if we’re running press okays deep into the night are not scheduled. Plan B became our reliable, acceptable back up plan for what little routine we could establish. Over the years we’ve had to reschedule vacations and tag team picking up the kids. It’s easier now that the kids are self-reliant but we still resist a set schedule.

What is my Plan B for my blog? Maybe I’ll drive to work by a different route. Maybe I’ll ask a different coworker to lunch. Maybe I’ll introduce myself to somebody new everyday for the next year. Maybe I’ll just mix it up a little and see what happens.


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