Rock Stars of the Internet

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot lately about inbound marketing. The fact that I’m a sales person and I sell printing is quite a challenging proposition in today’s environment. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I’ve been reading that I’m not supposed to reach out and contact people via the internet, that would be spamming. I’m encouraged to develop an on-line persona that, if I’m really good, will make people want to do business with me. How can I, among all the other deserving sales professionals be discovered from the enormous amounts of competition on the internet? I have enough problems getting an audience in my own backyard of Dallas. If I completely relied on that ideology I think I’d starve before anybody would notice.

I’ve attended round tables and watched as business owners and sales professionals fret over the new revolution in sales and marketing. One business owner bemoaned that he is doing everything inbound marketers say will work. Create a presence, be memorable, blog, have a great product and sit back and the people will find you. I’m thinking that might work for the rock stars of the internet but will it work for the masses? It’s akin to having your SAG card. There are only enough roles for a select few actors and the majority will get small parts while the elite cream of the crop rises for the millions of dollars they get for starring roles. What about the majority of businesses, will inbound marketing work for them?

I’m still learning so I’m going to try something viral within the next two weeks. The word viral sounds infectious to me. Oh, I guess that’s the point, but infectious, is that good? If it’s on the internet, I’m told it is good. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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