The Power

People have power, whether they are empowered by their title of owner, manager or simply by group strength.

I just reread Jack London’s South of the Slot. It’s a terrific short story about a man who for a time lives on both sides of the slot, which is just a metaphor for class division. He is Freddie, a sociology professor on one side who wants to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the working class people to write his papers. To gather the material he needs, he spends months living south of the slot as a working man. During this time he becomes successful living the life of Big Bill Tot. London compares the progressive life of Freddie to the discontent of Bill Tot’s life. You’ll need to read the story yourself to discover which life Freddie chooses and his reasons why may surprise you.

In all companies, there are various groups of people who work together to create a product or provide a service. Our combined focus and cooperation will ultimately determine the profitability of our collective work. Every one of us has the power to choose and the power to make a difference.


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