Are you perfect?

I stopped in another reps office to brainstorm about a blog. Thanks Judy for letting me talk out my thoughts.

Judy and I both agreed that out of ten jobs we enter into production approximately eight to nine will have some kind of an error that requires a change. Whether the change is a result of a typo, missing information, bad photo, wrong photo or bad dates, it requires us to alter the original file and show some kind of additional proof. This is not a problem except that in many situations a client balks at paying for the cost of their changes. Why is this? It may be that they’ve already presented the costs to their supervisors and don’t want to explain the error and extra charges involved. Costs for changes become dicier if the files were furnished by a designer. Who pays for the alterations then? The designer or the end client? Sadly, often it’s the printer.

In a competitive world printers have cut back the time prepress spends with files. In a competitive world clients and some agencies are no longer paying for the services of a professional proof reader. In a competitive world some designers are experimenting on color photos without color expertise.

Maybe an easy way to address this issue would be to ask that two sets of proofs to be included in all estimates. This wouldn’t always cover all possible problems or changes in a job, but surely would go a long way knowing how much to budget should a problem arise.

Is anybody perfect? I know I’m not.


We’re full of…Ideas!

With the advent of digital printing technology, don’t think for one moment you, as a small business owner can’t have a professionally printed company brochure. There are countless clever ways to economically produce a company brochure.

Another sales rep here at Ussery helped a photographer design a very elegant small run, multi-page book of their photography and to save money they are binding it themselves in a truly unique way.

In an earlier post, I explained to another client how they could take an over-sized brochure and resize it to fit on our Indigo to print a short run of 50 pieces until they were moved to their new location. I also suggested that he tag-on some temporary business cards since the press sheet was large enough to accommodate a few cards.

We’re available to help you with your initial ideas and can in most cases help you discover alternatives to meet or even reduce your budget.

It’s less about you…

Take a moment and think back to the time somebody was rude or cruel to you. Sadly, that may have happened just a moment ago, yesterday or last week. Aggressiveness in driving, short tempers on the telephone and adolescent-type behavior can come at you at anytime. It’s still not pleasant, fair or justified; but knowing it’s less about you and more about the other person can help you to let go and move on.

Many years ago I was at a holiday party and noticed the wife of one of the co-owners standing alone. I went up and started a conversation with her. Not many people would ever dream this drop-dead gorgeous woman would have difficulty at a party, but in reality she did. Some people may have taken what appeared as aloofness and just left her alone. What I discovered was she was shy.

I know there’s an old adage that you can’t remake first impressions. I get that. But, what about considering going one step further. If we reach out in conversation we may discover that the person is just shy, not aloof or conceited.

Amazing ~

Technology is leading the pack right now and we’re like a bunch of wolves…feeding on the frenzy of the internet.

I made some telephone sales calls today. Yes, really! And, somebody actually answered the telephone. I was impressed and amazed at the same time. Thanks David. At least I could say that I talked to somebody today that I hadn’t spoken to before. We all know the drill, automated phone systems, voice mail, email, tweets and FB. Does anybody out there have a real conversation anymore?

I can’t help but think all this automation is somehow going to backfire. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But, the impersonal feeling can’t be good for business long-term. I’m seeing signs of it already. Have you gone shopping lately? There is some serious training going on around town and I absolutely love it. Don’t ignore me, don’t pretend I’m not there, and help me if I’m wandering around. Let me know my business counts and I will be loyal to your store and come back because of the way you made me feel. This unconscious, numb, cheapest of the cheap buying will stop when enough people realize they want real connections and actually need help with all the mind-boggling options we have to sift through.

Don’t get me wrong…the internet is amazing. But sometimes all I really want is somebody to walk me through my purchase or answer my questions, and when I do, I hope you’re there to help me. And, I’ll be here to help you.

The impact of a note card…

I received two note cards in the mail last week. One was thanking me for a birthday lunch and the other was just to say hi and that my friend missed seeing me. Wow. I miss my friend too.

The fact that Lisa and Olivia took time out of their busy days….and ALL of us have busy days, was testament that I mattered to them. Thank you. I want to matter to these friends.

I’ve been meaning to write some note cards myself. I need to thank a few people and let a few others know that they matter to me.

All Things PMS 355~

I’m a fairly aware person concerning the perils of our planet. We can discuss the issues all day, from our country, to developing countries, to manufacturing plants and oil spills. I’m just wondering when we’ll get beyond the paper/printing agenda and get to the real difficult discussions.

How about not driving your car to work on Earth Day? That would mean either biking, walking or public transportation. How uncomfortable would that be for you?

How about not running your air conditioner or heater on Earth Day? That might be easier since the weather is mild across the country so your comfort level might not be threatened.

In the market for a car but don’t want to spend the extra money for a Hybrid? There again, where is your level of comfort?

I’m a printer, so the green agenda against paper/print has affected my comfort for years. From a business standpoint I can understand my customers divesting their marketing dollars in the many different multi-media options now available. But, beware of big industries trying to put other industries out of business by an agenda that is in my opinion purely propaganda.

I don’t sell printing~

New world out there.

I’m being coached to think that I should re-evaluate how I sell. Okay, I’m game for new ideas. But, I really do sell printing…ink on paper. No ink on paper, no eat.

Should I say I’m selling communications? I know that I’m a part of the entire communication and marketing efforts for companies, but I’m still the printer.

I’m on Facebook, I do have a blog, although I don’t tweet. Hmm, maybe that’s it… Twitter. I’m sorry, but I have to admit, I don’t see the point.

Hmmm, no ink on paper, no eat. I am hungry….oh, sorry I digress.