15 Minutes…

I get knocked down but I get up again…

In the first few months of my sales career I made a call on a new client who turned out to be a catalyst to my early success. I am fairly sure if I hadn’t gotten in the door with this account I would have been let go for lack of sales. It took one person who believed in me. Thank you Cyndi. It’s been a long time and I’ve lost track of her, but since recalling this, I’m going to track her down and tell her thanks (again).

There were four printers at the time bidding for Cyndi’s work, and there was a lot of work. Proposals were required and I had my fair share of success, but along with success comes failure. When you’re bidding on twenty, fifty, and sometimes eighty thousand dollar projects, there is a lot of anxiety. My spirits would soar at the opportunity. Sometimes I celebrated and sometimes I went in the bathroom and sobbed. Really. That was early on though and I knew I had to develop a system to cope with the crash that would come after hearing I didn’t get the project. It was difficult to take the daily highs and lows that came with winning and losing.

What I came up with is 15 minutes. That’s all I allow now to deal with a loss. If I want to stomp around and fret and get all cranky, ok. But, only for 15 minutes and then I move beyond it. It’s over. It’s done. 15 minutes, then get on with your life.


3 thoughts on “15 Minutes…

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  2. Great plan!

    Much of life revolves around managing your emotional responses and staying level. Doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE emotions – You just have to develop a plan for keeping them in perspective!

    Good for you!

    🙂 mb

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