Business Cards ~

Do you know how many steps are involved in the making of a business card?

If you hire a designer, they will need your company logo, and all the pertinent information, ie, address, telephone numbers, fax number, email addresses. This list grows longer as technology adds to all the various ways we can be reached. The designer will take some time to set up the card in a fashion that makes it pleasing and easily read. They will cut and paste if a file is provided and then style the type.

Once they have finished they’ll review what they’ve done and proof read the cards. Although they are limited for proof reading because they don’t know if the information that was provided is correct.

Now the client must proof read. This is extremely important and difficult because the type is so small and there are so many numbers and email addresses.

Off to the printer. The printer takes the files and transfers them to a template. Typically, a business card is laid up in an 8-up format. Not always, but usually. Then printer again provides a proof. Why is another proof needed if the client has already proofed the job? We require a signed off proof because we were involved in the manipulation of the original file. In the imposition something, anything could have happened, Not usually for business cards, but it can happen.

If there are corrections to be made there is protocol that we follow to make sure we follow the clients instructions and meet their expectations. Another proof is shown. Did we do it right? Ok, green light, approved for press.

We’ve already ordered the paper, the paper was delivered and a bindery operator trimmed the parent sheet to the sheet size required for the press. Get paper, ink, plates and ticket with instructions out to the press.

Pressman reads ticket, inks up correct ink with correct plates and loads correct paper.
Job runs. Sometimes clients come to look at the job on press. (press okay) Those cards need to be right!!

Once printed and dry. Off again to the bindery where the cards are individually cut down out of the press sheet. Counted and boxed in individual boxes with a representative of what’s in the box is taped to the outside. Then they’re boxed again in a shipping box with packing lists and labels. Off to the shipping dock.

An Ussery driver gets the delivery instructions and we deliver your business cards.

Whew…that’s a lot of work for those little business cards!


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