My Office is by Texas Stadium

Well, I USED to work by Texas Stadium.

As of this weekend, the stadium is gone. I drove my normal route this morning, but the landscape wasn’t right. My eyes saw it and my brain processed it, but it didn’t feel right. I felt a little disoriented. Kinda like the time I picked my mom up at DFW airport. One week later as I took her back to the airport I drove into the North end and drove right through to the South end without seeing the sign for the terminal I was looking for. My mom looked at me like I was crazy. I felt crazy. Nothing was right….I told her the signs weren’t right and she looked at me again, this time with real concern on her face. I was lost until I let go of what I used to know and just followed the signs. I really thought I’d lost my mind until I saw the news that evening. Yes, indeed, DFW had changed the signs and they were reporting on the confusion it created. Thank goodness. I called my mom to tell her I wasn’t crazy. It made for a good laugh, but that same confused feeling returns whenever I lose my sense of landscape.

So, after this weekend, I can no longer say “oh, I work over there by Texas Stadium” when asked what part of town Ussery is located. I guess for now I’ll just respond with that confused arm-flailing directional pointing…., “I work over there….somewhere.”


One thought on “My Office is by Texas Stadium

  1. don’t feel bad. not only did I NOT get up yesterday to watch this icon of Texas die, I drove right by it this morning and didn’t even notice it was gone…

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