All Things PMS 355~

I’m a fairly aware person concerning the perils of our planet. We can discuss the issues all day, from our country, to developing countries, to manufacturing plants and oil spills. I’m just wondering when we’ll get beyond the paper/printing agenda and get to the real difficult discussions.

How about not driving your car to work on Earth Day? That would mean either biking, walking or public transportation. How uncomfortable would that be for you?

How about not running your air conditioner or heater on Earth Day? That might be easier since the weather is mild across the country so your comfort level might not be threatened.

In the market for a car but don’t want to spend the extra money for a Hybrid? There again, where is your level of comfort?

I’m a printer, so the green agenda against paper/print has affected my comfort for years. From a business standpoint I can understand my customers divesting their marketing dollars in the many different multi-media options now available. But, beware of big industries trying to put other industries out of business by an agenda that is in my opinion purely propaganda.


3 thoughts on “All Things PMS 355~

  1. it’s all a scam, but that’s just me.
    Somewhere, someone at FSC, SFI and all of those other “green” organizations is raking it in…

  2. John Stosell touches on this in his book. Trees are not cut down for paper production, trees are FARMED for paper production. If you think about it in this way, there would be LESS trees but not for the production of paper. Interesting. I think I am going to print this blog entry for the betterment of trees.

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