Amazing ~

Technology is leading the pack right now and we’re like a bunch of wolves…feeding on the frenzy of the internet.

I made some telephone sales calls today. Yes, really! And, somebody actually answered the telephone. I was impressed and amazed at the same time. Thanks David. At least I could say that I talked to somebody today that I hadn’t spoken to before. We all know the drill, automated phone systems, voice mail, email, tweets and FB. Does anybody out there have a real conversation anymore?

I can’t help but think all this automation is somehow going to backfire. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But, the impersonal feeling can’t be good for business long-term. I’m seeing signs of it already. Have you gone shopping lately? There is some serious training going on around town and I absolutely love it. Don’t ignore me, don’t pretend I’m not there, and help me if I’m wandering around. Let me know my business counts and I will be loyal to your store and come back because of the way you made me feel. This unconscious, numb, cheapest of the cheap buying will stop when enough people realize they want real connections and actually need help with all the mind-boggling options we have to sift through.

Don’t get me wrong…the internet is amazing. But sometimes all I really want is somebody to walk me through my purchase or answer my questions, and when I do, I hope you’re there to help me. And, I’ll be here to help you.


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