It’s less about you…

Take a moment and think back to the time somebody was rude or cruel to you. Sadly, that may have happened just a moment ago, yesterday or last week. Aggressiveness in driving, short tempers on the telephone and adolescent-type behavior can come at you at anytime. It’s still not pleasant, fair or justified; but knowing it’s less about you and more about the other person can help you to let go and move on.

Many years ago I was at a holiday party and noticed the wife of one of the co-owners standing alone. I went up and started a conversation with her. Not many people would ever dream this drop-dead gorgeous woman would have difficulty at a party, but in reality she did. Some people may have taken what appeared as aloofness and just left her alone. What I discovered was she was shy.

I know there’s an old adage that you can’t remake first impressions. I get that. But, what about considering going one step further. If we reach out in conversation we may discover that the person is just shy, not aloof or conceited.


2 thoughts on “It’s less about you…

    • I see, that’s a tragic example of what I was trying to get across in my blog.

      We respond to people based on their appearance, posture, ethnicity, status, or whatever a person thinks they know or understand about the other person. Our biased thoughts usually come out in our actions.

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