We’re full of…Ideas!

With the advent of digital printing technology, don’t think for one moment you, as a small business owner can’t have a professionally printed company brochure. There are countless clever ways to economically produce a company brochure.

Another sales rep here at Ussery helped a photographer design a very elegant small run, multi-page book of their photography and to save money they are binding it themselves in a truly unique way.

In an earlier post, I explained to another client how they could take an over-sized brochure and resize it to fit on our Indigo to print a short run of 50 pieces until they were moved to their new location. I also suggested that he tag-on some temporary business cards since the press sheet was large enough to accommodate a few cards.

We’re available to help you with your initial ideas and can in most cases help you discover alternatives to meet or even reduce your budget.


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