Are you perfect?

I stopped in another reps office to brainstorm about a blog. Thanks Judy for letting me talk out my thoughts.

Judy and I both agreed that out of ten jobs we enter into production approximately eight to nine will have some kind of an error that requires a change. Whether the change is a result of a typo, missing information, bad photo, wrong photo or bad dates, it requires us to alter the original file and show some kind of additional proof. This is not a problem except that in many situations a client balks at paying for the cost of their changes. Why is this? It may be that they’ve already presented the costs to their supervisors and don’t want to explain the error and extra charges involved. Costs for changes become dicier if the files were furnished by a designer. Who pays for the alterations then? The designer or the end client? Sadly, often it’s the printer.

In a competitive world printers have cut back the time prepress spends with files. In a competitive world clients and some agencies are no longer paying for the services of a professional proof reader. In a competitive world some designers are experimenting on color photos without color expertise.

Maybe an easy way to address this issue would be to ask that two sets of proofs to be included in all estimates. This wouldn’t always cover all possible problems or changes in a job, but surely would go a long way knowing how much to budget should a problem arise.

Is anybody perfect? I know I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Are you perfect?

  1. there’s that famous catch-22 again…
    you’d like to say we do it as a service, but who wants to “lose money” as a service? though we do end up doing just that.
    Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Not many want to own up to it. For a myriad of reasons…

    I’m not perfect… just ask my wife. She’ll tell you 😉

  2. Perfection isn’t real, perfection is something we as a society created.. Something unattainable, yet we are willing to do anything to attain it, I’m not perfect and I am happy about that 🙂

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