Rescue me…

Morgan, a coworker at Ussery saw a stray dog in the industrial area where we’re located and made a brave decision to intervene. She stopped and brought the dog into the office. She was smelly but recently spayed…no tags, but her nails were groomed (the dog, not Morgan.) What contradictions. I would have bet money that the dog had a micro-chip. Somebody loves this dog.

All day long employees fussed over her. She was bathed by Mark, Jackie and Morgan, and fed and coddled by nearly everyone. She’s very sweet. Many offered to take her home, but I live pretty close to work and I could run her by the vet before 6 pm. Also, would she travel well? She does.

So, off we went to the vet and I would have lost my bet on the micro-chip. So, Sadie (my dog) had a sleep over last night. Interesting evening. I think the dog’s name is Bella since she perked up at that name and no others. (I ran through the alphabet naming off names…more for my entertainment.)

Bella doesn’t chew, doesn’t bark and is house-trained. She doesn’t like being in the back yard and preferred the bed, but got a blanket on the floor next to the bed. She didn’t growl or snip at me when I gave her another bath…and, I had to use my entire weight against her 50 lbs to keep her in the tub. whew….I was sweating up a storm by the time I was finished. (foolish faith…I know)

As an animal lover, I can’t help but believe somebody out there is agonizing over her disappearance. She’s being well taken care of by the Ussery staff and will continue to be looked after until we can find her owner. When an animal or anyone falters to the point where they must rely on the love or faith of others it only takes one person initially to take a stand and do the right thing. For Bella, it took Morgan, and for Morgan and Bella, it will take the staff at Ussery to keep her safe.


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