Survivors…Are You READY?

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge Survivor fan.

I got hooked watching the very last show of the very first Survivor season. I was captivated watching and listening to the jury that was made up of players who had been voted off earlier in the show, ask questions and/or criticize how the finalists had played the game. The way a jury ends up voting for the ultimate winner depends somewhat upon the finalist’s responses to their questions but more (I think) on how biased the losers were to the finalists and how they made it there.

One thing that still surprises me is the general assumption that a muscular, lean and strong man is automatically more athletic than an older, skinny man. If you watch Survivor you will know this just isn’t true. We are so accustomed to believing that all athletes have a sports hero’s physical appearance, but this doesn’t always translate to general athleticism. You might be surprised to learn who might have natural leadership ability…it’s sometimes the good old country boy. You might also be surprised how the pretty girl has ugly thoughts in her mind, and the shy guy might be all that and a bag of chips too. Survivor proves to me beyond any doubt that leaders, athletes and beautiful people come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Survivor is a working example of sociology in the most basic sense; it shows the way individuals and groups interact within a society. Albeit a very small society, it usually exaggerates the innumerable ways people choose to get along…or not.


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