Coupons and Savings~

Thank you Justin for being my inspiration today.

When I visit my parents in SW Michigan I can always count on my mom to ask the same question ….how much are you paying for gas down there in Texas? My response is always the same; I don’t know mom, I need gas to get to work so I pay whatever it costs. She’ll then proceed to tell me a story about how this gas station will be cheaper than this one and how she’ll watch them raise the prices over the weekend. She’s just as amazed that I don’t pay attention as I am about the level of her attention concerning gas prices. My brother-in-law will drive 10 miles out of his way to find cheaper gas. That amazes me too. Wouldn’t his time be more valuable than the chase to find the 5.00 savings on a tank of gas? He says it all adds up. Okay. Didn’t he just waste a bunch of the gas driving to find the cheaper gas?

Cutting coupons is just as crazy for me. I tried it back in the day, but I don’t enjoy the time spent time cutting, filing, analyzing, searching for the correct product and reading all the fine print. I’d just rather put back one or two items that I really don’t need and save 5.00 that way. How easy is that?

Why do I shop at some gas stations and grocery stores and not others? I prefer stations that are convenient, safe and clean, not the cheapest. I shop for groceries further up the street for the same reasons. I could shop at a store closer to my house that’s generally cheaper but it’s not very clean. I’m uncomfortable with a dirty grocery story, or gas station for that matter.

Some might argue and say, oh, you must have enough money not to watch your money. I’d say, you might be surprised at how frugal I am. I pay for what I value in convenience, safety and cleanliness. I don’t see it as paying more for something because those things matter to me. You can’t change your location to serve the convenience issues for everyone, but as a business owner you can certainly address basic issues of cleanliness and safety. Returning to basics requires a sense of pride, civility and concern about customers. Wouldn’t this be worth more than saving 5.00?


2 thoughts on “Coupons and Savings~

  1. Exactly! Amen, sister!
    Basic services are just as important as price. It makes no sense to drive 10 miles out of your way to save .10 a gallon on gas. As to coupons, it’s marketing. Trying to get you to buy something that you don’t normally because of a discount. A lot of times it’s a loss leader to get you to buy the first one.
    I use coupons, but only for stuff that I already use regularly.

    bottomline- my time is more important

    • Hopefully this will cross over into buying of printed goods! Like how much time do you waste pricing people out instead of developing a relationship that can help you save??…

      Good one Cathy!

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