It’s time…time for a change.

Cuz I’m tired of the same ole same. (I love this song Jerry Jeff Walker sings)

I’m not tired of the same ole same, but I have change in my life anyway. Our youngest son just graduated from high school, and instead of heading off this fall to college like most of his peers, he approached his father and I awhile ago with an idea to experience missionary work. The four months he’ll be gone was compromised from his original two-year idea. At first we were shocked, mystified and afraid that he wasn’t going to follow the typical path to college. We wrestled with his idea, which soon became a plan, and then processed into reality. So, yesterday he left on a jet plane to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His return ticket is set for October 9th, 2010…not that I’m counting the days.

I think Ty’s free thinking has rubbed off on me, or, maybe I on him. I had free thinking ideas at his age too; but I wasn’t brave enough to believe in myself nor strong enough to convince my parents who only wanted the typical, the norm and the safe for me.

Tradition has often been challenged in our home, so I’m not that surprised that Ty has taken this route. As parents, would John and I be more comfortable with the typical plans for college and a job? Sure, what parent wouldn’t. So as I admire Ty’s bravery in trusting himself, it forces me to think about my own life. What have I put off doing because it might not fit the norm? Would reaching for it enhance my life and teach me something about myself ? At my age, doing something different might be considered a mid-life crisis; at Ty’s age some might consider his choice careless and crazy.

I’m convinced that Ty will come back with leadership skills beyond what can be found in a textbook. I’m convinced that he will see and experience things that will encourage him to make a difference in whatever he ultimately chooses to study.

For awhile my blogs might be inconsistent because I’m going through some changes. But, then again, thinking of Ty’s choices may encourage me to take some chances myself and I just might be better at what I do because of that.


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