In this particular case, Mr. FRISKE isn’t my dad, he’s somebody I found on LinkedIn. Certainly, I’m not the first person who has searched for people in our social media networks who have the same last name. Out of the few Friskes who were local, Bobby Friske and I had something else in common besides our last names. Bobby is a Graphic Designer and the fact that he’s also a comedian piqued my interest.

So, last night John & I ventured over to the Addison Improv where local comedians were competing for the Funniest Comic In Texas Wildcard Finals. Guess what? It was hysterical…and you can tell from my blogs lately that I desperately needed a good laugh. Waiting in line I tried to think of the last time I saw a comedy act…it’s been awhile. So, thanks Bobby for the invite and although you didn’t win this particular time, the bravery required to get up on a stage and strut your stuff is impressive.

Confidence of this kind is under-rated. It takes passion, guts and determination to follow a dream. Thanks again for re-inspiring me. From a good belly laugh to the reminder that: “if it were that easy ~ everybody would do it.”


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