Girls Who Print…

Mary Beth Smith started Girls Who Print as a group on LinkedIn. This community has now grown to over 1100 connections, mostly women, but some men (we’re not an exclusive bunch.) Since Mary Beth is a Dallasite, the very first get-together is scheduled here in Dallas for Tuesday, June 29th. Yippee! Since I’m a Dallasite too, I’m looking forward to meeting her and the other local Girls Who Print.

Early on in my printing career there weren’t many women in printing, especially in sales. Has it been easy? No, but it hasn’t been easy for the guys either. Like any industry, it’s hard to go the distance (an entire career) without getting burnt out. I am interested in hearing stories about how the other women have kept up the pace throughout their careers.

Mary Beth was clever in starting a discussion titled…And You Are? And, it’s been interesting reading about the many determined women who have stayed strong. These same women have most-likely endured some injustices along the way, especially back in the day when it was mostly a male-dominated industry.

Over 20 years ago, I met a woman who had given up print sales because she admitted that she didn’t have anyone to lean on when printing got tough. She confided that she was purposefully left out of sales meetings that were rudely scheduled at places most women wouldn’t go. We could have helped each other back then, but we met up too late. She had already moved on to another industry when I finally met her.

Maybe Girls Who Print will be like a sorority. I never had an opportunity to be a part of a sorority when I was younger. We seem to fit the definition of a social organization…sans a dorm room. I can live without a dorm room; after all these years, sisters would be enough.


3 thoughts on “Girls Who Print…

  1. Yep, have seen the site and it’s terrific. PIA has tried, with limited success, to establish the Women in Print group. We all have so much to offer, and I think the sorority is just fine – back off good ole boys!

  2. Cathy, what a nice surprise to read this!! I think you’re right – we have become a sorority, and it’s just plain old FUN!!

    Thank you for sharing our little group with your audience!

    Take care – AND…looking forward to seeing you on the 29th!

    🙂 mb

  3. Agreed! Thanks for the blog post. Mary Beth rocks in establishing this as a group. As ‘the girl that ran the press’ t the book printers, I got a ton of attention from every (mostly) men that walked through the plant through the 1980’s. The majority of the time it was shock, followed by jokes. Most of the time the jokes were funny and playful, but not always. Anyway, I could handle myself and I will always be proud of what I accomplished. I’m happy to be part of this sorority!

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