Road Trip~

I think some clients would be surprised at what we sometimes have to do to make sure a job is delivered on time.

John was working on a large format sign job and it was for twelve different stores located in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Waco. As the due date drew near he was getting anxious that the over night delivery charges to make it for the Monday holiday would be ridiculous for the client. As happens, the timing came right down to just that…overnight deliveries and the pricing was staggering. Mostly because of the girth dimension of the signs…they were huge.

John came to me and said, “I’ll just have to make the deliveries myself.” I said, “Okay, but not without me.” We gathered up the delivery addresses and I took to the internet to plan our route.

The delivery in Dallas was made that Friday by our own truck. The truck made available to us from Ussery wouldn’t accommodate a third person and there was no way we were leaving Ty behind or asking him to sit on a bucket for the drive. So, we rented a cargo van and filled it with the signage. By then I had our route completely mapped out.

We left on a Friday night and drove toward Houston to spend the night. We planned it so our very first delivery would be made in the Woodlands suburb of Houston at the very moment the store opened. From there, we made three other deliveries in the Houston Metropolitan area. We then drove over to San Antonio and made three more deliveries. Seven done…four more to go. We spent the night on the Riverwalk and had a nice family dinner.

The next day we headed out to Austin where we made three deliveries and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Back on I35 toward Waco where the final delivery was made. We pulled into our driveway about 7:00 pm on Sunday night. Nearly a perfect 48 hours on the road with a bit of family fun mixed in.

Road Trip ala print style.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip~

  1. Wow, that’s a perfect mix of business and pleasure and your client must have been extremely happy to have their product when it was promised.

    Personal service! Perfect service!

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