Caught Up~

When was the last time you mentioned to somebody that you were caught up at home or at work?
I want to be that person who has their life simplified to the point that they have an agenda for their day rather than catching up on their day.

We are a society convinced that the appearance of busyness translates to actual productivity. I’m just as guilty in making myself believe that some of the things I do are relevant. So much of what I do anymore isn’t relevant.

How can we tell the difference? I think, if we’re typical people, we know. One friend confided that she knew she wasn’t being productive at work. It bothered her and she knew it wasn’t right. I suppose there are the folks out there who haven’t a clue. Or, do they really know and just pretend that they don’t?

Right now I want a neat desk, a neat home and the time to dream and piddle and not to always have the feeling I’m trying to catch up. Where do I begin?


1 thought on “Caught Up~

  1. I actually had that day – or a great July 4th beach weekend get-away. I tossed every care aside and literally lived in the moment.
    Now I’m back to the real life and can only dream of that day – the day I officially get caught up!

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