Quit Driving Me Crazy!

Because I’m in sales I drive around a lot and I’m constantly reminded of how quickly, usually in a matter of seconds, a highway can shut down because of an accident. I’d like to share some insights on how to avoid an accident and how to deal with crazy drivers.

First, allow lots of space. I can not tell you how often I watch as cars bunch up racing 60 miles per hour and then watch as everyone slams on their brakes at the same time. Remember one car length for every 10 miles per hour of speed. I know the argument, but I truly don’t care who jumps in front of me, that’s what the space is for!

Second, when I taught Tyler how to drive and we were running late, my advice to him was that I’d rather be late than hurt somebody by driving too fast. So we were late, big deal, nobody died because we were late.

Third, let the furious get past you. You know, the ones who are so very important that everyone must get out of their way. They often drive very large trucks or upscale autos…and, they are very important. You know they are, so just get out of their way. You’ll feel better and they’ll feel better.

Fourth, always make sure you have a CD in your auto that makes you laugh and smile when you sing along. I highly recommend playing this CD and singing at the top of your lungs when traffic comes to a halt. This will not only distract you from the irritation, but will also give you some entertainment should the driver in front of you see your elation and try to figure out why you’re so freakin happy.

Five, if you see someone stalled or in an accident, please nod a quick prayer for their safety because you know they’re frightened and feel very alone.

Cell phone usage, I’ll leave that for another post.


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