Our Changing World~

I slept 11 hours last night and I’m almost embarrassed by this admission. But I was exhausted from the stresses of this last week; knowing the owners and management team were facing decisions that keeps them up at night, keeps me up at night too.

Some co-workers lost their jobs yesterday to keep company costs in line with our current sales. While adjustments in spending happen on a personal level, sadly they happen on a business level too. Can’t afford to keep the status quo? Neither can most companies when sales dollars fall short of covering expenses. The fall out is sadness and concern for friends who must now adjust their personal spending even more. Ussery is not alone in this. I can call around nearly every print shop in town and they’re all struggling with sagging sales and uncertainty as the information that was printed on paper now moves to the internet.

This transition of information to the internet will work for many companies, but some will discover that nobody will care enough to search out their on-line information…let alone have the patience to read it. There are statistics that prove an increase in on-line sales when printing is used to drive consumers to the internet. The stats are on my desk in Irving, Texas and I’m not, so, next week I will post some interesting statistics and figures that prove why printing should be a significant part of a companies sales strategy.

Will this be enough to return printing to the levels of yester-years? I’m fairly certain that answer is no. But, I am confident that our industry will level out and find a new place in this changing world. But, for the wonderful talented people of all companies who find themselves without a place to call work, they will need more than extended unemployment benefits.


2 thoughts on “Our Changing World~

  1. I’m always so sad to hear about the decrease in work force – particularly in an industry we love so much. It may be a survival of the fittest and you have to respect the management team for making those tough decisions, despite the human cost. I also believe the cycle will return, I just hope it’s in my lifetime!

  2. Kathy,

    Those of us who deal with the “macro” world of our industry sometimes forget about the human toll — although we’ve all faced it. Nice and heartfelt commentary.

    I just got back from meetings with all the PIA presidents from across the U.S. — and this change in print acquisition is not just a Texas issue. And you’r right, it’s not going to go back to what it used to be. Yet, I feel optimistic about the world of visual communications and the role the “printer” will play. It’s going to take a shift in how we approach the sales process — and I look forwad to reading your thoughts.

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