Fire Up Those Presses ~ Print versus Online

The arguments typically made for online versions of marketing material is that the information is free. Is that really true? Besides the actual printing costs, the gathering and displaying of the information is still the same, somebody must write, illustrate and design the brochure. Then, the piece is uploaded and placed on the company website. There. Done. Now, everyone will come and view the information and no money will need to be spent on printing. Okay, there you are Mr/Mrs. Business Owner….tap, tap, tap, (insert a significant amount of time)…how will anyone know the information is there on your website ready to be read and appreciated?

Online companies and marketers are realizing the competition they have on the web is staggering. Not only competition, but the adage “out of sight – out of mind” comes into play. Will they try to reach their customers with free emails? Sure, but response rates for email marketing has fallen 57% since 2004, but response rates from direct mail has risen 14%. Think about it, when was the last time you opened every email in your in-box from on-line marketers? I used to, but now I delete them and often take the time to unsubscribe. Don’t get me started on the green agenda and environmental issues for the argument that digital is more green. It’s not, so stop it already.

I’ll stop my ranting now that I’ve reached my limit on how much of my own blather I’ll read in a day. Hopefully you’ll hang with me as I get on my soap box for a bit and defend an industry that I love and who many are saying to abandon and run, run fast from. Nope ~ I’m not giving up that easy.


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