Updates ~

It’s time for some updates, partly because I miss Ty and want to share what is going on in his world.


We heard from Ty briefly about a week ago. He did say that he had been to the hospital for a bacterial infection. They put him on an IV for 4 hours and gave him meds for 4 days and he’s fine. The hospital bill was only $50.00 and the staff spoke English.
He’s been up in the mountains helping the remote church so he hasn’t had any internet access. He only fired off that one email and by the time I read it he had gone back up the mountain. He lives in a shack too. Tyler, my darling son, lives in a shack on a mountain in Honduras. Never thought I’d type or say that. lol.


My Zumba CD’s did arrive and I’ve gone through the 20 minute introduction. It was fun, but my old hips hurt a bit. As soon as my feet know what they’re doing I’ll be ready to throw my arms up in the air. Yes, with abandon.


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