Don’t send me a birthday card…

I bought a new car a few years ago and the sales man was nice enough, friendly and helpful. When I arrived to pick up the car he apologized that there was only one set of keys. He said that he would locate the other set. Over the next few months I called often only to be told he couldn’t find the extra set. I mentioned that I bought a car that should come with two sets and to order another….he said he would.

A few months after that I had a birthday and received a card in the mail from this sales man. I didn’t want a birthday card from him, I wanted my second set of keys. Why would he think that I would appreciate getting a personal card from him? I don’t know him, don’t want to know him, and sending such a personal card on my personal day is kinda creepy to me.

More months went by and I was in a car accident…ouch…my car was totaled. We decided to replace the car with the same car and went back to the same car lot. We didn’t buy the second car from the sales man…so much for a birthday card.


2 thoughts on “Don’t send me a birthday card…

  1. In addition to showing the consequences of lackluster customer service, you just made a really great case for the importance of RELEVANT content in customer-facing print! Furthermore, you’ve pointed out how creepy ‘behavior tracking’ can be – I completely agree about being creeped out by personal communications from people I don’t know!

    And…all the customer touches in the world won’t replace good customer service. Sadly, as you know, other than the software picking off your birth date from the data he entered, he probably had nothing at all to do with even sending the card!

    My birthday is in January, btw…LOL.

  2. mb,
    I’m so glad that you always get my point!
    So many businesses (and people) miss the point…it’s about doing what you do and doing it well. The relationship will either evolve naturally, or not. But great service is something that can’t be faked or made up for by cheesy gimmicks.

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