That Telephone Book…

Probably like most people, I drive the same route to work everyday. I’m usually on automatic drive and don’t necessarily pay much attention. But, for the last two weeks, as I made the turn by the Dr. Pepper bottling facility I would drive right by a telephone book laying in the middle of the road. It was still intact and flopped open, right there, right there in the middle of the two lane street that curves around before you get to Ussery Printing. After the first week of driving by that telephone book every morning, I began to wonder just how long it would lay there. Would somebody ever pick it up? Or, would it just slowly deteriorate over time?

All last week I chuckled every morning, now in a bit of anticipation…wondering if the book would still be there. Then, this morning it bothered me that the book was still there and nobody cared to pick it up. I wondered if there was anyone else who drove by, besides me, who wanted to stop and pick it up. The street isn’t a busy thoroughfare so it wouldn’t be difficult or dangerous.

So, today, as I drove by I thought to myself, no more and pulled into the next parking lot and turned around. I saved that telephone book from a life of deterioration in the middle of the road where nobody cared about it anymore. Maybe it’s a true metaphor for printing and the state we’re in. Well, I care.


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