My First…

My first CCN job printed last week and it turned out very well.

CCN stands for Color Control Network that consists of proprietary software and inks. Try selling that when you don’t really know exactly what the process will produce. It took a bit of a leap of faith on the part of the end client and the designer, and I thank them for taking that leap with us.

The job printed CCN cmyk inks, two Pantone inks with overall gloss aqueous. We used 100lb Endurance White Gloss Cover. The job had heavy ink coverage with dense black and lots of 485 red. The pictures had already been enhanced by the designer with some serious Photoshop work, taking out tattoos on the arms of some of the workers and lots of clean up work to enhance the factory location. There were pictures of gooey oil and bright vials of green and yellow liquids, machine parts and a location shot. The only challenge we had was to soften some of the skin tones that became too intense, but otherwise the color was awesome.

On press, Richard was able to run densities far higher than conventional cmyk inks, which is part of the reason you achieve the high-fidelity look. The other element concerns the curves that are applied by CCN. Personally, I was happy that our production crew took on the challenge on a Friday afternoon instead of waiting until a Monday morning. If you’re in printing you know it’s so much better to go into the weekend with tough job behind you…knowing your team worked together to create a printed piece with the challenges of a new process.

That frosty beer tasted extra good Friday night.


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