Printing 201

Kristi with Pink Jacket Creative took time out of her schedule to drive over to Ussery for a Printing 201 discussion. She’s been in our shop a number of times, took our Printing 101 tour, and generally understands our crazy industry. But, she’d mentioned to me recently that she was interested in furthering her printing knowledge and I greatly respect her initiative. When Kristi was hired for her job, like most people, she had no idea that printing was so complicated.

We started out talking about all the presses we have, and we really do have a great mix. We discussed the 640, 440 and 628 presses and what the numbers stood for. She caught on quickly that the size of the designed piece, the quantity and the ink/paper combination significantly influences how we estimate and what press would best print the piece.

We talked about paper sizes and product size and how the two would relate in press imposition. We talked about how to spec a job and why the flat and finished sizes are so important for us to know. Little errors made in the details can completely change the layout and pricing. All the details are important.

I think the most important aspect of our discussion centered around establishing budgets with clients and why this is important. There are so many options and ideas we can offer if we know some of the constraints you’re under. We’re not trying to be nosy, only helpful.


One thought on “Printing 201

  1. Hey! I know Kristi from Pink Jacket Creative! Thanks to you and your patience, she’s learned a ton about printing. Pretty soon, she’ll be teaching me a thing or two about printing… 🙂

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