My Last…

Earlier last week I wrote about my first CCN job. Aren’t firsts always fun, exciting and loaded with anticipation?

This morning I was a bit sad because this is the first time in twenty years that I haven’t gotten a child ready for school. John Lucas has been grown and gone for so long now that he’s getting his own two sons prepared for the first day of school. Tyler is still in Honduras; so there my house sits…empty of spirals, back-packs and anticipation. I know it won’t be my last because Ty will return and we’ll get him ready to start college in January. But, it’s a little taste of what will ultimately become my last.

The changing dynamics of growing children is similar to the changes in our printing world. Some things just end and we have to admit that it’s something we’ll never do again. We can still reflect back on how fun it was…the processes and products we counted on. But like children who grow up, we are forced to realize that some things will never be the same again and will become our last.


One thought on “My Last…

  1. You’re a very good writer. Very clear and concise with your thoughts. Now, with that said, I’m off to pick up my Kindergartener from his first day of school. Love you very much.

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