Let’s Consider Being Thankful

Since mid-June I’ve had a new CSR; his name is Larry. Although Larry is trained as an estimator, he was hired at Ussery as a Customer Service Representative. If you’re in the loop of printing gossip, there are some changes happening at Ussery and Larry will again be an estimator. Here’s a snippet of an email I sent to Fran, CEO, and Mike Lamb, President, of Ussery Printing.

“All I want to say is how much I’ve enjoyed having a CSR like Larry McFadden. Granted, he hasn’t had much CSR experience, but what he brings to the table is attitude…GOOD attitude. If you ask down the sales hall you’ll get the same response. Although we understand that he’ll now be an estimator, I wanted to reach out and give him a huge pat on the back. His gracious, agreeable and helpful attitude will never be forgotten.”

Larry has taken some ribbing from coworkers about being so gracious, agreeable and helpful. His response was, “you would be too after months of an unemployment check.”

It’s obvious that I’m going to miss Larry in his capacity as my CSR, but his response reminded me of how thankless we can be during good times. It’s only when we go without, that we become aware of how thankful we should be.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Consider Being Thankful

  1. Larry is a keeper. Of course, now I have to live up to his short legacy… I’ll do my best
    Don’t beat me massah… 😉

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