Focus ~ Focus ~ Focus

We had a company meeting a few months back and part of the discussion centered around the occasional busted job. What that means is a job we had to reprint for one reason or another due to a mistake made internally. As a group we discussed the amount of sales it requires to make up for a busted job and how important it is for the team to get the details right the first time. A busted job is always a big deal, but even more so when profitability is challenged by recessionary times.

There was a discussion that ensued about the level of accuracy when people are busy compared to when they’re not. It was mentioned that the sense of urgency and focus seems heightened when the phones are ringing, there are estimates to prepare and much to do. Why is that? When I first heard the comment that we’re more focused when we’re busy I wanted to disagree, but reality usually proves this statement true more often than not, whether I want to agree or not.

Since we’ve added sales, support and production people from the Cross Media / Ussery consolidation, more than ever we need to focus on the effort and accuracy of the team. John approached our first sales meeting that included all of us with a definition of team. His point was to make sure that everyone considered themselves a valued part of Ussery. Even though sales people tend to operate with a high degree of independence we must share in the accountability and collective performance of the company. He reminded us that if we work together towards a common goal we will share in the rewards of that effort.
Focus ~ Focus ~ Focus.


1 thought on “Focus ~ Focus ~ Focus

  1. When we are slow, we seem to make more mistakes, but when we are busy we seem to make less. It is a proven reality. The reason is that when we are busy, we are completely focused on our work- even if it is multiple projects. When we are slow, we are distracted by non-work related things. Busy is good.

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