My Lizard Brain~

I follow Seth Godin because I appreciate and relate to his reference to the lizard brain. My lizard brain thoughts have made me freeze up the last few days.

I had a very busy August. (thank you wonderful clients) And, everyone in sales knows after a busy month you’ll usually have a slow month. It’s due to the reality that you didn’t have a lot of time to search for work while you’re busy running work. And, we all know that sales people are only as good as their last month sales.

So we constantly fight the lizard brain fears of worthlessness when our sales fall off. Sales are like that. It’s tough sometimes to manage through the self-doubt. As a group, we’re just as full of anxiety as the production people whose jobs depend on us doing our jobs. Sometimes more so. Nobody likes to admit they feel a certain way at times, especially if it might make you look weak. I’ll admit it though…I don’t like the way being slow makes me feel. Do you? Okay then…begone to the lizard brain that hides in all of us on occasion!


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