It’s Not Always About Work…

I could be writing today about a label job that has gone all wrong, but sometimes I only want to write a funny short story…and, the label job gone-wrong is not funny. Even though my writing might not always specifically deal with printing, some of the stories can relate to work. Whether it’s about getting along with people, understanding what clients want and why, or realizing you’re getting older in an industry that typically likes to remain young and fresh.

I went shopping last night with Olivia. We met years ago, and even though we’re not exactly around the same age, (she’s much younger) we get along fabulously. We had dinner and then trudged off into the vastness of the mall in search of jeans. We window-shopped a bit…yea, that $28,000.00 ring was out of both our budgets…but it was fun seeing it fit on O’s finger. We stopped by a store that held our attention for quite a while. Anthropologie is a fun store that had delightful detailed clothing, rockin shoes and a fragrant dressing room.

The styles appealed more to Olivia’s taste than mine, but I had no problem enjoying the cushy leather couch and helping Olivia find sizes. She had a blue and white top that was too big and she asked if I could find it in a smaller size. I found the rack and found another top that had a really weird size on it. I told O that I didn’t know what size S1X was. Wouldn’t that be a woman’s size or could it be some other strange numbering system? What is a small 1x anyway? We had a conversation guessing what the manufacturer meant. After she tried on the strange size she started laughing. What? It’s a size six she said. Oh, I hate getting old and always needing my glasses!


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