Clarify, Please~

Web-to-print solutions…what exactly does this mean?

AKA…Internet-based ordering systems for printing, how’s that for a better explanation? Even that phrase will require some explaining.

Think about this when you’re deciding if a web-to-print solution is for you. Do you, or does somebody in your company order repetitive, time-consuming print that could be transformed to a computer-based on-line ordering system? Let me give you some examples. Do you often need to order and reorder business cards? Do you already have a great design where we could develop a template for you to type in new information and place the order on-line? Want to include letterhead and envelopes, personalized note cards and brochures? Want a gate-keeper to have the final approval for the orders? Want to do all this with helpful ideas to save you time and resources, let alone money?

Well, we can do this for you.


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