Same Thing…No Salt ~

A few years ago John & I attended a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. The resort was luxurious and the staff attentive. After dinner one evening, our party moved to one of the huge stone patios overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It was a beautiful evening and the waiters were bound and determined to make sure we were happy with our service. Two young gentlemen went around the circle of our group to take our drink orders, and margaritas were the drink of the evening. As they got around to John and I, we responded, “same thing, no salt.” As the waiters began bringing out drinks another waiter came up to John and I to take our order, “we already ordered” we said and returned to our conversation. The groom of the party noticed the waiters were confused and after a little thought he started laughing. What? It seems the staff wasn’t proficient in English enough to translate “same thing, no salt” and I’m sure they couldn’t find a recipe for that in their drink book. Hence their confusion.

Every once in a while I encounter a language problem because somebody is using print terminology incorrectly..and that my friends, is a recipe for disaster.


One thought on “Same Thing…No Salt ~

  1. Too funny!!! You never really think of these language barriers, until an encounter, such as these.

    Strangely enough, I run into this on a regular basis, with the designers for my largest customer & I realize I need to take a step back & remember that English is not everyone’s first language! šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the humorous reminder.

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