I Like Your Hat!

There is a scene in the movie Far And Away that reminds me that most people desire approval, appreciation or admiration when they’ve done their best and are experiencing success.

In the movie, Joseph & Shannon are Irish immigrants who have made their way to America together. Nicole Kidman’s character, Shannon, was the daughter of a wealthy land owner in Ireland, but Joseph, played by Tom Cruise was only a poor potato farmer. However, in America, the tables turn as Shannon’s money is lost to thieves and her aristocratic upbringing means nothing. While Shannon is forced to pluck chickens to make ends meet, Joseph’s success is built on his hot-headed strong ways and he becomes a successful fighter. With his new-found wealth Joseph buys himself some fancy hats and suits and feels he has earned the right to Shannon’s approval. In the scene Joseph begs her and asks “why can’t you just say that you like my hat?” Shannon is unwilling to get beyond her own frustration and she stubbornly refuses to give Joseph what he desires…a heartfelt, true compliment.

A well deserved and heartfelt compliment encourages more of the best and can catapult a person into the next level of success. If stubbornly left unsaid, it can sometimes have the opposite result. Is there somebody you know who could use the positive energy of a heart-felt compliment?

Well then go ahead and tell them, “I like your hat!”


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