Where Did The Time Go?

I can’t believe the month of October is nearly over. Where did the time go?

I don’t normally write at 6am on a Saturday but I can’t sleep. I’m sitting here in a cool house with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. Everyone else is still soundly sleeping. I would rather still be sleeping too.

Too much on my mind I guess. What keeps me awake on a Saturday morning when I could have soft blankets bunched up around me and sleep till 8? It’s usually work isn’t it? Do other professions worry as much as printers do?

I talked to another salesman earlier this week as he matched up a purl campaign letter to the corresponding variable envelopes. It was his first one and he couldn’t, or really he wouldn’t, let go of the responsibility to make sure it was perfect. We take on the responsibility for hot jobs that fly through the shop at an unbelievable rate. Changes, fixes, new files, new plates, new info, change of address, ship here, no ship there. We keep up, yes, we do. This week was especially challenging, busy, fast and furious, and time just disappeared…there didn’t seem to be enough of it.

Maybe that’s why I’m up so early. I’m anticipating all the things I need to get done and knowing how little time I have to do it in. Coffee anyone?


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