Go Ahead…Make The Call~

I’m not a perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, or printer for that matter.

As I watched the World Series the last few days I noticed a few incorrect calls. What do these umpires do after the world watches them make a mistake? Unlike football where the coach can throw in a flag to challenge a call, baseball doesn’t have that challenge. But, we still have the instant replay that will show us in slow motion if the call was good or bad. The millisecond an umpire gets to make a call, we get to review and criticize for moments, hours, days or sometimes, even a lifetime.

Decision making can be a tough job for all of us. Make a bad call and you could lose a game, client or friend. Sometimes our decisions are made on the fly; quickly, because schedules require us to make the call and move on. When we have a still moment to reflect back there are those occasions where we wished we had made a different decision. This makes me wonder about the specific training an umpire must go through to be able to move on after a bad call. What must they learn about their human condition to be able to let go of the burden of responsibility? To me, knowing that a person has done their best is all I need to know. Understanding too that we will always be susceptible to imperfection and to be kind to each other when we do make a bad call. Because, if you’re making any kind of decisions about anything, you will eventually make a bad call yourself, but thankfully there won’t be any instant replay.


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