We’ve had some discussion around the office lately concerning web designers versus print designers. You might think the skill set for both would be the same, but that’s not necessarily true. Printers require the 3-dimensions of width, length, and depth to accurately assess how your job will run and how much it will cost to manufacture. I’ve written before about the importance of giving your printer accurate flat and folded measurements so we know how and where to bind your multi-page catalog. But, in our 3-D world the depth is just as equally important. ie, the number of pages in your document.

Web designers aren’t required to take into consideration page count or binding. They create pages in a flat environment where it doesn’t matter; but, counting pages correctly becomes a necessity if you’re going to print because printers must have an edge to bind (unless of course you’re binding by wiro or spiral.) The page count will also determine how we run the job on our presses and how much paper to order.

The paper dummy, or mock-up as I now prefer to call it…my lingo changed when very early in my career, Mr. Proctor came to me one day with a smile on his face. Your job ticket said to see “dummy.” Ha-Ha, Okay, now I refer to it as a mock-up. So, if you’re unsure of your document and how to count the pages, call us or your paper representative. We’ll be happy to make you a paper dummy, er, I mean a mock-up.


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