Communication Confusion~

I’m a technology hold-out and I accept this; but sometimes I get tired defending my position on this issue. The truth is, I don’t have a smart phone. (ohmygosh….)

You’d think, because I’m in sales and need to be connected at all times, that I’m just not keeping up with technology. Quite frankly, you’d be correct, but there are reasons why. Sometimes I sit in my office and my cell phone rings, then my office intercom rings and I’m trying to have a conversation with two people and what happens is I’m not communicating efficiently with either. It’s frustrating. “You hold,” “who me?” “no, you” argh, “hold on,” “James, HOLD” “John, I’ll call you back.” Then I hang up the wrong phone. Not really, but that could happen. Ever been on your cell phone in your office and they ask you to choose 2 to save and you hit the 2 on your office phone? It’s funny, but not. (or even worse if you try to use your calculator for the 2 button…but that’s another story)

Same thing with GPS technology, I don’t have a GPS, and I don’t want one. Some friends are truly aghast at this admission. But really, sometimes when I’m lost I stumble across things I’m interested in and didn’t know were there. I value that more than being so over-confident about driving that I don’t pay attention to any of my surroundings.

I know, I know, I’ve heard the arguments for both the smart phone and the GPS. It’s probably the same reason I gave up wearing a watch over two decades ago. (another round of ohmygosh…) I know what time it is and if I don’t want to know, to quote Jerry Jeff, “I couldn’t care less what time it is.” I have a clock on my computer, on my phone, in my car, in my head, in my kitchen. You get the point. After years of living, I can usually tell you what time it is just by the natural passing of time.

All of these electronic ways to communicate has given rise to communication overload and in a sense, of not really communicating at all. I truly enjoy the face-to-face nuances of communication. But, I will this holiday season buy a smart phone. Only because…well, I need it to show customers QR codes, otherwise, I’d still be a hold-out. What’s a QR code? Sigh, more ways to communicate…we’ll talk about that tomorrow.


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