A Note To Eileen~

News about your abduction traveled quickly, not only to your family and friends, co-workers, police and the media, but also around the print community in general. There were tears & prayers on your behalf. We speculated, wondered and feared for you. But mostly I think, we prayed for you.

You reminded us of our own vulnerability when we remain at work past normal closing hours. Late nights are not unusual in our industry. Others may not understand this and criticize, but as an industry, we know better. It isn’t unusual for men and women alike to stay late into the wee hours either approving a press run or trying to get rush jobs entered into production. We stay because we’re committed to our jobs, our clients…our industry.

Time eases pain, but like a cancer diagnosis or the death of a child; any traumatic experience will change you. Eileen, it will be okay.


One thought on “A Note To Eileen~

  1. Well said, Cathy. Even though it was 20 years ago when I worked with Eileen, it seemed like it was last year. The print community is so small (and getting smaller all the time), that there is a natural connection to another “one of us” whether you know them or not. As unfortunate as it was for Eileen, it is a good reminder for all of us – particularly women – not to ever let our defenses down.

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